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A tasteful treat for your eyes

Wonton noodle is also called “Sai Yung” with a literal meaning of tiny confederate rose in Cantonese. Look through the semi-transparent wrapping of a perfectly cooked wonton and you will see the whiteness of its stuffing. Watch how wontons float elegantly in a blue-and-white china bowl; some say they look like fishes playing in a pond while others say they see a beautiful painting of delicate confederate roses. A cup of hot tea will escalate your enjoyment to yet another level.

It’s more about quality

People in Northern China consider wonton as something to fill their stomach with, but that is certainly not the case in Southern provinces like Guangdong. Wonton noodle was meant to be a street food in Guangdong, so Mak’s Noodle puts extra effort to keep its wonton noodle at high standard at all time. It’s not just about its traditional recipe but also the importance of every single cooking steps, using only fresh ingredients in the exact portion, and the simplistic yet fine presentation.


Mak’s Noodle only serves wonton noodle in its best quality. The soup base has to be made of shrimp shells and dried flatfish. There are four full shrimps in every single wonton and wrapped into the right bite size. The portion of bamboo egg-noodle is always the same. The sweetness of the soup, tenderness of the wonton shrimp, and texture of the noodle are all important parts of your perfect treat. It has been, and will always be, the successful formula for Mak’s Noodle.

Living like a confederate rose

Wonton noodle resembles confederate roses, and the mild sweetness it carries is just as refreshing as comforting breeze. Mak’s Noodle also serves great tea as a supplement to their wonton noodle and other signature dishes. It’s time to kick back and give yourself a small treat.

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